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Three Things to Know about CTV

The what, how and why of Connected TV (CTV). Datafy discusses what exactly CTV is and why it matters for your advertising strategies and that bottom line.

Written By - Kelly Smith

February 2024

In 2023, advertisers acknowledged that CTV is no longer an emerging tactic. In 2024, we expect brands to stop asking “should I invest in CTV?” and start asking “how should I invest in CTV?” 

Investment in CTV is growing every year, and we can expect it to keep growing as advertisers continue to link CTV campaigns to real business goals and successes. And it’s not just for Coke and Doritos anymore… Creative new programmatic advertising programs offer accessible advertising budgets that make it possible for tourism organizations to dabble in this exciting advertising medium, while our next-level attribution abilities make reporting back on your CTV efforts more meaningful and defensible than ever. 

Given its strong results, rapid growth and relevance to the tourism industry, Datafy believes that CTV is one of the topic tactics that our clients need to be considering for their 2024 media mix. And here are a few things about CTV to keep in mind as you and your team are building out your plan: 

  1. CTV is not as expensive as it seems. While CPMs can cause sticker shock when you compare to other digital tactics or even traditional TV, more refined targeting capabilities paired with frequency capping can allow a greater penetration of your core audience segments, and even generate a lower cost per aware household when compared to other tactics.

  2. CTV’s impressions are good. And we mean really good. CTV offers higher levels of attention, ad recall, and co-viewing than other tactics. (Yes, including traditional TV). What does that mean? Your lower cost-per-aware-household can still lead to higher destination recall and even more aware people who are engaged with the streaming content - and receptive to the short ad breaks. 

  3. CTV is highly-measurable - and partnering with Datafy takes it to the next level: Datafy provides real-time data insights and full-circle visitor attribution reporting, which can include: video completion rates, cross-device digital conversations, and even in-market footfall attribution. 

Interested in learning more about CTV and how it can be leveraged to reach your business goals? Reach out to our team today and get started. 



Kelly Smith
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