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Physical Visitor Attribution

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Datafy goes beyond traditional digital advertising by offering physical visitor attribution. Our proprietary technology enables targeting based on physical behavior as well as digital behavior. This unique aproach allows our users to access highly convertible target audiences with proven higher click-through rates (CTR) and visitor attribution.

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Datafy's ability to build custom audiences based on physical behavior and activate programmatic campaigns comes full circle with visitor attribution reporting. Datafy's attribution insights give DMOs transparent reporting on the visitation metrics that matter most. This includes answers to questions such as: How many people visited? Who visited? What activities did they engage in during their visit? And, what was the return on my campaign spend?

Our Process:

Through this process, Datafy's attribution platform provides you with actionable, data-driven insights into both traditional media and first-party data performance, allowing you to see who is actually visiting from your audiences.

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The Result:

More efficient marketing spend with attribution, showing the true impact of DMOs' efforts to destination stakeholders.

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